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Sojourn Strategies is a Black woman owned social impact consulting firm that brings a people-centered approach to advocacy campaigns, research and philanthropic advising. We support our clients in driving measurable impact by designing programs, campaigns and research grounded in both values and strategy. We believe that when we lead with values and community we are able to create real and sustainable change.

Relationships are the foundation of our work – we have authentic and collaborative relationships with national, state, and local organizations and leaders across the United States. We leverage our diverse backgrounds as campaign strategists, researchers, and creatives to build projects that drive impact. 

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Our Story

Our founder, Katrina Gamble, had a vision to create a space that worked at the intersection of politics, movement and policy. In the years leading up to 2016, Katrina had worked closely with both movement organizations and grassroots organizing groups. In August of 2014 Katrina was serving as the Political Director of a national social justice organization and at the request of a local organization she joined a group of Black movement organizers in Ferguson to support the young Black people engaged in the Ferguson uprisings after the police killing of Mike Brown. Through that work she was part of the early founding of the Movement for Black Lives.

While she witnessed the power, resilience and transformative vision of movement in that moment, she also saw how it was often met with intractable institutions when it became time to shift vision and demands into policy and political power. Katrina saw the need to foster programs, partnerships, campaigns, and projects that capture the transformative vision of movements, while also grounded in measurable wins that build power now. With deep commitment to both community and impact Katrina leveraged her years of experience as an organizer, political strategists, and researcher to establish Sojourn Strategies.

Our name Sojourn is inspired by the trailblazing abolitionist and women’s rights leader Sojourner Truth who understood that freedom requires the liberation of all of us. That our intersections and differences are also our power. Sojourn also means to travel and we see the fight for equity and justice as a journey, a movement – connected to history, to the present and to the future. Our work is to drive change that moves us along the path towards a more equitable and just world.

Our Values

  • We are a people-first firm –  in how we design strategy, in how we connect with our clients, and how we create our own internal culture – we reflect on how our actions strengthen our relationships and the communities in which we are working. 
  • We are committed to work that drives measurable impact 
  • We believe that strategy is strengthened when diverse voices and perspectives are brought into the room. 
  • We center inclusion and collaboration in our approach to campaigns, research and strategy. 
  •  We believe in actionable hope driven by innovative, transformative, and visionary ideas translated to realistic and actionable outcomes. 


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