what we do


We value and prioritize opportunities to build community, space for joy and hope-centered action.
If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please reach out to us.

Social Impact Campaigns & Strategy

The Sojourn team advises and supports clients in the crafting and implementation of advocacy, electoral and civic engagement campaigns. The Sojourn team utilizes our deep experience and networks with grassroots organizations and leaders across the country to collaborate with dynamic coalitions and move winning campaigns.

Research Advising, Design & Execution

The Sojourn team designs strategic political, policy and message research and analysis for a wide array of organizations. We work with clients and broad coalitions to develop and execute culturally relevant and grounded research to capture the diverse perspectives and voices found in our electorate and communities. We provide both qualitative and qualitative social policy, civic engagement, and political research. 

Philanthropic Advising & Evaluation

The Sojourn team works with philanthropic organizations, foundations and donor networks to recommend opportunities for investment in the pro-democracy and civic engagement  landscape based on shared values, strategic alignment, organizational sustainability and political efficacy. We also provide landscape analyses and evaluations across various social justice issue areas to assist clients in identifying opportunities, designing grantmaking strategies and portfolios.