Color of Change


  • Helped create a first-of-its kind database of prosecutors
  • Assisted in election of progressive prosecutors


Color Of Change is the nation’s largest racial justice organization, committed to building Black power in communities across the country. They accomplish this mission through social justice initiatives as well as agendas that educate and empower Black people so that they can close the racial wealth gap and become leaders in their communities.


One of their goals is to get more progressive prosecutors elected in order to combat the racial bias that the criminal justice system has historically had and mass incarceration. Not only does the United States have the largest incarceration rate of any country in the world and by far the greatest number of total prisoners, but its prison population is disproportionately racial minorities. While Black people only make up 12% of the country’s population, they are 38% of its prisoner population. Color Of Change decided to challenge the legal system at the source of mass incarceration: prosecutors. They wanted to hold current prosecutors accountable while helping more progressive prosecutors, who were dedicated to fair treatment for all and an end to wrongful convictions, win elections.


With our help, Color Of Change launched the first-ever prosecutor accountability hub: Winning Justice. We designed and facilitated the first-ever national prosecutor accountability convening. We drafted the memo that would ultimately become the organization’s demands. We hosted the first-ever national prosecutor accountability meeting along with other events.



Winning Justice has helped elect 30 new progressive prosecutors across the country.

Winning Justice has helped elect 30 new progressive prosecutors across the country. We also assisted in creating a directory of every prosecutor in the country, something that hadn’t existed prior. Now, anyone can research the prosecutor in their district, see their track record, and hold them accountable at election time. 

“The depth of knowledge (current and historical) that Sojourn Strategies brings is top notch. Katrina is able to create a compelling narrative based on experience, knowledge, and relationships, and to write various reports and updates to ensure that interested funders had the information needed to fill funding gaps.”

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